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How to increase search traffic from Google? Six working ways.

Owners of online stores and other web resources periodically ask themselves: why is there little traffic from Google? Where to get traffic? How to raise a site in Google search? What, after all, happens, and where does this world roll? You work – you work every day, but for some reason visitors are not increasing. Moreover, one must run faster in order to manage to optimize the site for the rapidly changing world of search engines.

Today, there are 6 working ways how to raise a site in Google and provide traffic. Consider each.

1 way.

It is necessary to publish detailed interesting content that answers the user’s question. The user’s question is his search query. Interesting content is a step-by-step text, illustrations, videos. Detailed – this means revealing in one article one small problem or explaining the details of a multi-step process. In some cases, for example, regarding repairs, it is not at all clear how to open or close the jar with the solution, what to do with it later, where to put it, where to store until another opening. Such seemingly minor trifles seem commonplace for a specialist. And for those who are looking for answers in a search engine, they look like big important questions. Our task is to remove the user’s stress as much as possible and give him a clear answer. So google traffic is gradually increasing.

When the user received such an answer, he does not go back to SERP, but goes to implement or digest what he read. Google tracks and records the fact of non-refund. If the user has not returned to SERP to look further for answers, then this is counted as a plus to the site.

With content, you get an interesting vicious circle: covering more search queries and creating useful content, you attract more visitors to the site. Accordingly, Google notes this and shows your resource higher in the search results. And the best place in the issue, respectively, attracts visitors. And while finalizing the remaining details, for example, an informative snippet, the number of people clicking on your link will increase.

2 way.

Small interesting articles published regularly on the site make the site live, beneficial to people. Having assembled a pre-semantic core, compiling a content plan and revealing small useful topics, you will increase the number of queries that users can find your site on. Those. you will increase search traffic with Google, of course, if Google shows the site higher in search results. It is also believed that quality content is being actively shared, and this in turn will attract even more visitors, but this is only partly true.

Gone are the days when people scooped up information exclusively from articles. Now it’s easier to ask strangers on Facebook about their experience on a particular issue, and the answer will immediately be added in the comments.

If someone clicks on the “share” icon, it’s rather out of great sympathy for your site, work and the theme outlined, more like “support the resource”. And such a click on the “share” is more valuable, more soulful or something …

3 way.

Optimization of the snippet, bringing it to a more attractive look will attract the attention of users. What are you talking about? Then a small entry into the subject in detail.

There is such a Google tool as the Google Search Console, in which it is free to track the number of search queries, as well as the impressions for which the search engine gives the site. If there are a lot of impressions and there are a lot of transitions, then this is good. And when there are a lot of impressions, and there are extremely few transitions, this is where the field for analysis and work begins.

Therefore, having found a snippet in the Google search by its “weak” request, we look at it:

  • in content
  • in sequence, in other words, in form
  • compare with competitors – leaders

What to look at in snippet content?

Replacing the laudatory information about yourself with data about the benefits for the client:

  • Delivery time
  • where are you delivering
  • indicate what you do for free
  • working hours, especially if you are open around the clock
  • telephone
  • Company name
  • Services

What to look in sequence or in the form of a snippet?

Snippet lives under the slogan: brevity is the sister of talent. The universally long, complex sentences with the conjunction “which” or the verb “can” are still used. For example, “Our store presents the products you are interested in, which you can purchase on our website.” Everything is beautiful, but it is not clear what the store sells. Google has already supplanted such a page.

If you have the same long snippets, consisting of common phrases, then take courage and cut off all that is superfluous, turning one long sentence into several short ones with clear informative content. Or in one long one with a listing of your services and the conditions for their implementation. Google welcomes such suggestions. For instance:

Compare with competitors.

If there is a company that is higher than your site in search results, then something in its snippet is better. Take note of all the facts mentioned.

It is worth noting that this is only part of the work that is worth doing to raise the site in the issuance of Google.

4 way.

If it seems to you that your Internet resource is working well, loading quickly, then this does not mean that it is. We recommend that you make sure that the download speed is normal using one more Google tool Such a pleasant trifle as a fast-loading website makes life more pleasant. If the site loads for a long time, then patiently wait for the full download, most likely, no one will. A high site loading speed affects its promotion.

5 way.

To all of the above, work on the technical characteristics of the site is added:

  • site usability
  • clear navigation
  • internal linking
  • clear architecture
  • optimized photos

Modified little things will make the appeal to your resource more enjoyable, Google will note this. He is always watching you, remember this. It’s also easy to find articles and materials if they are referenced in the article (internal linking), the rating “TOP products”, “Sale” or “Buy with this product” is visually noticeable – all this is also very likely to keep the visitor to study the range , if the color scheme is not annoying, and the illustrations are pleasing to the eye.

Some sites go the opposite way: they say nothing. In this case, the user has to make additional clicks to find the answer to his question. However, returning to the point above, if he even mentions your resource, then in a very unfriendly perspective. For example, there are shops selling furniture that for some reason do not write out what materials this or that product is made of. They do not specify its dimensions, and in what form it is delivered.

Particular attention should be paid to indexing pages, the availability of sections for search robots, the fight against duplicate content – this is tracked in the aforementioned Google Search Console. It also displays error messages that you should pay attention to and respond quickly. All of these methods will help you raise your site in Google search.

6 way.

At some point, the following thought may arise: okay, I do everything as it is written, everything is uploaded, optimized, and the site is still not in TOP 3. What is the truth, brother? And the sites are full outwardly a bit even worse than mine, but for some reason they are in the best positions, and my content is also useful, and the fifth and tenth … And I don’t break Google’s rules, and he stopped considering external links for a long time, moreover, he recommends not buy them, do not put links to external resources on your website, do not put links in the comments, do not use the services for buying and selling links. Everything is clear, only the site is somehow not very competitive on the battlefield, when others are actively buying these links.

Again, it is worth noting the fact that Google still tracks which sites link to your resource, and takes this into account when ranking. This tracking appears in the Google Search Console mentioned above.

So, buying links has a place to be, and this must be done professionally.

There is another view on the purchase of links – this is to attract more visitors by placing the link on the appropriate third-party resource in a passing place, and not in the basement of last year’s page. The correct text with a link to your site will attract the desired target audience.

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